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Erica Ehm - Ask For What You Want (Replay)

March 12, 2022

You may know Erica Ehm as a pioneering “VJ” (video-jockey) on MuchMusic (Canada’s equivalent to MTV) in the 80’s and 90’s, but she is that and so much more!

In this wide-ranging discussion, Erica shares her wisdom on:

  • Asking for what you want, the simple strategy that got here started in the competitive entertainment TV business
  • How to be an ally for those you love who are struggling with mental health issues
  • Her mother’s life-changing words to her at age 8, along with notes from her own parenting journey
  • How she told her kids “Mommy comes first”, and it empowered them to know and show respect for women

And more!

If you would like to live a life where you are able to make bold choices and successfully act on them, this is the episode for you!

Where to find Erica:

Twitter: twitter.com/EricaEhm

Instagram: instagram.com/ericaehm

Yummy Mummy Club: ymc.ca

Website: www.ericaehm.com

Show Notes: https://elaineskitchentable.com/089

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