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134 - Cash Flow Master Class, with Chris Moscatello of Coast Capital

October 27, 2021

Join Chris as he draws his decades of small business experience (both as an owner and banking advisor) to help you master your cash flow!

  • What are the good and bad habits
  • Tricks like liquidating old stock to improve cash flow
  • How managing cash flow can help you sell your business
  • How to prepare for the inevitable periods of negative cash flow

Show Notes: https://elaineskitchentable.com/134

Connect with Chris:

Website: https://www.coastcapitalsavings.com/business/business-suites/business-suites-member

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Get a free chapter from Elaine's book, Sell Your Passion: https://elaineskitchentable.com/book/

Episode Sponsor:

Coast Capital Savings - I have used Coast Capital Savings for my business Easy Daysies for over 10 years. They make me feel like I am their only customer! They don't just care about your business, they care about getting your business where it needs to be.


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