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Raising A Family And Raising A Business – At The Same Time (Replay)

December 10, 2021

Unfortunately, the business world is full of failed businesses, and "successful" businesses with failed marriages.  There is an idea that you can have a successful family, or business, but not both.  With 4 awesome "Mompreneurs", I discuss how we are not choosing to be a "really good Mom", or "really good at business" - we are choosing to do both!

If you just let life happen to you, you can very easily go down the path of being successful at only family or only business.  But if you "take a moment and own it" - and are very intentional in what you do, you will place the proper value on family and business - and others will value what you do as well!

Today's guests are:

Lori Lee - Owner of Brampton Mompreneurs, Mother of 4 children

Sacha Pinto - Owner of The Wolf Consulting (www.thewolfconsulting.ca), and Mississauga Mompreneurs, and Mom of 2 children (listen closely for the youngest!)

Sara Clarke - mom of 4 boys, business partners with her husband in Martin Clarke and Associates, bookkeepers and business consultants

Grace Moores - owner of The Moores Group, a marketing agency that specializes in sponsorships for small businesses with a community based demographic. Grace and her husband have 2 children.

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